Monday, November 3, 2008

टाइम वोंट गिवे में time

Hmm, weird. I just typed in the title and it auto changed the characters (is that Thai?) I'm just going to run with it... It is meant to read "Time won't give me time" so if I inadvertantly offended any one with that header..My apologies!

It's taken me ages to post my response to the B&E Tshirt challenge...and it's only half done...ack! Without any further ado, I present The Challenger:

This shirt screamed "F-you!" quite literally. But I'm no shrinking violet, and I gave as good as I got. I thought this would make a great hoodie, and I had some bada$$ red hounds tooth material that was burning a hole on my fabric shelf:

I used the original short sleeve as a template for the long took a little tweeking - I wanted to go for a scruffy, overly long, already lived in look.

For the hood, I used one of my fave hoodies as the template for the hood. The effect was almost monk like.

The end result? A hoodie to rock your sox off.

Insert raised fists.

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